Designer Custom Wall Mural

Combine our custom design skills with high quality craftsmanship and your office interior will be an artwork worth visiting.

Experience bespoke glass design

Opaque or transparent glass designs transform an ordinary office space into a work of art.

Have you considered a company timeline?

Create unique company history or timelines to display on your office wall. This style of environmental graphics is perfect for all styles of offices.

We look forward to delivering quality craftsmanship and new ideas to you in 2017.

With Cool Art Design you can transform an ordinary space into something significant. Each custom design is tailored to meet your needs. Whether your needs are for an electrifying effect, or a subtle touch. If you are looking for commercial wall design solutions for offices, retail outlets, cafes and bars or educational and medical facilities then we can help you. For some of our latest commercial work you can visit our commercial graphic solutions page.
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