Graphic Products Q&As

For your convenience, our most common customer questions relating to interior graphic products are answered right here.

Custom Design

Q: Do you do custom design?
A: Yes, we only provide custom graphics packages.  We do not have any set products.

B:  Can we provide our own custom design for you to print?
A:  You may submit your own branding or artwork for us to print as interior graphic products.

Interior Graphics Products Detail

Q: Are your products FIRE RATED for Australia Standards
A:  All products have different standards and fire ratings, so we cannot provide a blanket answer.  If a Class A fire rating is required, then we have products suitable for this use.

Q: Will your product damage walls?
A:  We choose products to suit each individual project.   Some projects we will use a removable vinyl when required.  However, if a more robust vinyl with adhesive is required (for example, to stick to difficult surfaces) then this may damage paint.   This question is one best asked directly to a project manager who can advise the long term scenarios for your wall surface.

Installation Services- Interior Graphic Products

Q: Do you do work in all Australian states?
A: Yes we do national office fit outs.

Q: Can you install interior graphic products we bought from another company?
A:  No

Q: Do you have construction insurances?
A:  We have all Public Liability insurances, Workers Compensation Insurance, Construction White cards, Elevated Platform Licenses that are required for commercial works in Australia.

Q: Can we install your interior graphic products ourselves?
A:  No- we only facilitate full graphics package fitouts.

Glass Window Products

Q: Do you provide advice on certification of safety strips for glass?
A:  No, please discuss with your own certifier or building manager.  We will not return calls regarding safety strip certification and regulations.

Q: Do you have different types of window frosting?
A: Yes.  We carry all brands and densities of glass frosting film.   We can either match or choose a suitable one for your project.  We also carry all coloured translucent films and have access to a wide range of patterned window films.

Q:  Do you have a catalogue of designs we can choose from for our patterned privacy film?
A:  We specialise in custom design.  Therefore we don’t have a “set” library for you to choose from.


Q:  Do you make signage for offices?
A:  We generally only do signage for existing clients, or as a part of a larger interior fitout project.  If you are simply after a single item office signage we recommend that you contact a Sign Shop.

Q:  If we are purchasing wall  or window graphics, would you mind creating some signage products for us as well?
A:  Talk to your project manager and we can provide samples.

Q: Can you make my company a logo for our office wall?
A: No.   We do not make only logos.  Please contact a sign shop.  If you require other items including a logo then contact us for more detail.

Timelines for Interior Graphic Products

Q:   How long will it take to make our wall graphic?
A:  Please contact us for specific timelines in relation to your requirements.   In general, from design sign off, production will fit into a production queue of 3 weekss, and installation can be arranged for after this time.  However if the project is larger, this timeline may be extended.

Q: Can I get our interior graphic products to meet an urgent deadline?
A: Please contact us.   We charge a 20% premium for rush jobs, however contact us to ensure we can fit into our production schedule.

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