Wall lettering for office walls- brand infusion with words

At Cool Art Design we have embraced and always promote the use of vinyl lettering to get your business brands on the walls.  These can be internal branding messages for staff, or external branding messages for customer recognition.

There are two reasons that we promote the use of vinyl wall lettering in office environments.

1.  For many small and medium size businesses, using wall lettering to infuse brand messages on the walls is extremely cost effective.  Compared to full wall graphics from floor to ceiling, wall lettering is much more cost effective.

2. The result is impactful and direct. Your business knows your customers and your staff- you have a series of brand messages-  so without complicating an office refurbishment- simply get these messages on the wall and then get on with business.

The primary cost in office wall lettering will be a) the cost of the vinyl b) the cost of installation.  You can have any colour, you can have any typeface, you can have some words large, you can have some words in a different font- there is soooooo much that you can do with typography to create  interest, impact and quite simply- awesomeness.

You don’t need to blow your budget when branding your office environments, and for a small investment you get a massive return by using wall lettering.

For this business below operating in the financial sector- they just wanted simple statements that could help them fill a large blank wall.  Nothing over the top, but enough to carry their brand messages to the walls.

event wall art

office wall quote office wall quote1 office wall quote 2

wall wording

To discuss ways to design your brands into word messages- contact us on 1300 281 044 or art@coolartdesign.com.au


  1. comparer les mutuelles

    hi, I really like your blog, but I can’t see the pics, is it a problem with my browser ? (I’m using firefox)
    See you,

  2. Not sure. Perhaps it is your browser- I use Firefox as well and the images are showing. So maybe it is more the firewall or something.

  3. Following you back from the Wandering Wed Blog Hop! Love a good crafting blog. And LOVE this idea. Baggies…..great thougt. Already have some plans for chicken wire, can’t wait to see your other projects! Thanks!

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